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Dr Who
These Doctor Who illustrations have all been produced for the packaging and support materials for the BBC CD and MP3 audio releases the science-fiction series.
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This is a futuristic space story, in which the Doctor and his companions are allied with two human astronauts as they visit the world of the Sensorites
The Curse of Peladon. The story is set on the lightning-strewn planet Peladon, and more precisely in the royal citadel, a place of throne rooms, flaming torches, gloomy corridors and a subterranean network of tunnels and caverns
Dr Who and the Romans. This is a pure-historical story, set in Rome, 64AD. Featuring the Emperor Nero as a main protagonist, it climaxes with the legendary burning of Rome
Monster of Peladon. The Doctor makes a return visit to Peladon and meets a number of familiar characters  the Ice Warriors and Alpha Centauri
Tomb Of the Cybermen. Pesky Cybermen again. Will they never learn
The Arc. The Mick Jagger monster invasion
The Reign Of Terror. Nice guillotine...
The Crusade
At the BEEB 3. I really like the concept and it was great getting the BBC building in there
The Ice Warriors. I liked this one
The underwater Menace. Not very scary really
More Cybermen. I think these are their most scary incarnation!
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